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Club Myst  

Address: Taipei Xinyi District SongShou Rd. #12 9th Fl.
Opening Hours: Wed 10:00 pm - 4:00 am Fri & Sat 10:00 pm - 4:30 am
Phone: 0911439997
Website: http://www.club-myst.com


Myst is a superclub in the busy ATT4Fun building that has redefined the Taipei nightlife landscape with its massive dance area, cavernous small bar rooms within, and a gigantic outside patio offering a crystal clear up-close and personal view of the world-famous Taipei 101 looming virtually next door.
The club is the personification of the recent shift towards large and loud superclubs with the latest in sound and LED light technology, so if this is your cup of tea, read on.
With its dazzling array of LED lighting, booming sound and dance floor throbbing with young pretty things of both sexes, Myst is an experience that die-hard fans swear is simply the best night out in town. We'll leave you to investigate and verify!
Please get to ATT4Fun before 10PM on weekends to avoid miserably long queues.
English service: jh@club-myst.com
Wed: Gentlemen NT $ 600 with two free drinks (Free entry before 11pm) / Ladies with free entry all night
Fri & Sat: NT $ 700 with 2 drinks for gentlemen and ladies
*Price is subject to change if there is a special event
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