台湾最好的万圣节2017年派对 指南




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1. 最好的万圣节派对夜总会  Best Clubbing Events

I: Halloween Nightmare: FunHouse @ CHESS

真實的惡夢是無形的,它會在半夜喚醒你。以你隱藏最深處的恐懼來挑戰你的理智,跟我們一起踏出安全地帶。今年CHESS TAIPEI的萬聖節有我們陪你,恐懼的夜晚不該一個人度過。🎈🎈🎈

 Step out of your comfort zone… something is lurking in the darkness at Chess this Halloween night. Come, face your fears… You don’t want to be alone on this night…🎃

Entry: 1000NT with 2 drinks


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Regular Entry: 1000NT with 2 drinks

II: 深淵馬戲團Circus Halloween Weekend @ OMNI

👹 凡 12:00 AM 前全身變妝入場之女生免費、男生半價萬聖裝扮須有 70% 臉妝 + 服裝配件 📸 變裝是否符合入場優惠標準由 OMNI 現場工作人員判定*Halloween weekend: Guys 50% OFF / Girls FREE before 12AM with full body costume.

Costumes need to cover 70% of attire to be considered eligible for the discount, determined by OMNI staff.

III:  HorrorWeen@ LAMP DISCO (Kaohsiung 高雄)

去年2016的三大裝扮熱點:joker、Harley Quinn、瓦拉克今年的熱點是什麼呢?這禮拜六LAMP見囉!票價:男600 女200整體造型者免費(由現場人員判斷,本公司保有最後解釋權)The Top Three costumes in 2016 : Joker, Harley Quinn and Nun! What are the most popular costumes of this year?? Let's find out at Lamp !Tickets: Male $600 Female $200Free entry for those in full costumes.

IV: Purge Weekend@ ELEKTRO

👻 萬聖節 肅清日 🔪PURGE 🔪 !!黑暗降臨 你/妳 準備好了嗎 ?!10/27-28 @ Elektro 🎈Halloween Weekend 🎈*全身萬聖變妝*12:30前免費入場, 12:30後 半價優惠(Dress up for FREE ENTRY before 12:30am/ 50% off after 12:30)※變妝規定※(臉妝&服裝70%符合萬聖變裝,由現場ELEKTRO工作人員判定):

V:  Dead Man's Chest @ SHARK

TWO FLOORS of MAYHEM at Taipei's NEWEST VENUE.SHARK is a brand new, two room, state of the art show house with a killer sound system, surrounded by stunning visual displays (largest in the country) and REAL LIFE SHARK TANKS. Sadly, no friggin' laser beams....

- 入場方式 -$800 +2 杯酒 (現場票)$700 +2 杯酒 (預售票+限量200位VIP!)

800nt +2 Drinks (Door Price)700nt +2 Drinks (Pre-Sale Tickets+VIP *Limited to 200 only!)

VI:  Halloween @ TRIANGLE

Zombies, vampires, ghosts, gouls and many people dressed up like Pennywise will be invading ▲▲ for a night of fun and cash and prizes and party to the beats of DJ's Cross Cutz and Marcus Aurelius

Entry: NT400 + drink

VII: 100%萬聖週末造型大賽 @ 18TC

2017/10/27,28(Fri,Sat) 18TC 100%萬聖週末造型大賽(18TC 100% Halloween Weekend Costume Contest)一年一度的萬聖節派對造型大賽,又來啦!萬聖週末(10月27,28日)全身造型,可享免費進場。 Halloween Weekend Full Costume free entrance

2. 最好的万圣节酒吧派对Best Bar/Pub Halloween

I: Doctor & Nurse Halloween @ BRASS MONKEY FUXING

Brass Monkey Doctor and Nurse Style Halloween!!!銅猴子醫院風萬聖節!!!☆☆ENTRY 入場方式☆☆    In costume Free  有裝扮者 免費.

Without costume NT$150 (includes 1 drinks)**沒有裝扮者只要NT$150(含1杯飲料)**

II: Halloween Costume Party @ CARNEGIES

The legendary Carnegies costume party will be giving away $5000NT to the best dressed and runner up prizes as well for 2nd and 3rd.The party starts at 10pm with drink specials all night!!

卡奈碁一年一度的萬聖節Party又來了今年照例,將會頒發「現金」$5000元的大獎,給最有創意的裝扮喔!當天活動將於10pm開始,還會有飲品的優惠喔!請隨時注意我們粉絲團的更新,才不會錯過我們最新的優惠喔! #萬聖節 #現金大獎 #最大方 #老闆最敢給

III: Halloween Party!@ ON TAP

Kick off your Halloween Party Weekend at On Tap, the best place to get in the Halloween spirits!Everyone in costume will get a FREE spooky Halloween shot, plus "Das Pümpkin", Redpoint's Pumpkin

Ale will be on Special at just $120 for a Draft Pint!! Drink specials till midnight!

IV: Halloween Weekender @ BEERGEEK


Fancy Dress is welcome and rewarded ....Free Shots for those in costume..Drink Specials on the night....Horror Scenes on our screens ....  Halloween Playlists ....

V: Halloween Rager @ Brickyard (Kaohsiung 高雄)

不要躲起來   不要害怕  只要你穿得夠像鬼怪  就不會被東西纏上   不 要 被 發 現 你 不 是 鬼

Come out, come out wherever you are...Another BRICKYARD HALLOWEEN is upon us.And it will be a RAGER as always.Make sure to dress up. If you don't, you will be shunned by all the scary monsters, sexy zombie cheerleaders and other assorted Halloween Misfits! Guys NT$500 Girls NT$300 One Beer or Cocktail Included

VI Beach Party: Pt1@ CIJIN SUNSET BAR(Kaohsiung 高雄)

3. 最好的休息室酒吧派對/ Best Lounge/Cocktail Bar Halloween

I: Day of the Dead: MQ x Pregame

Corona X MQ X Pregame Presents : Halloween Party "Dia De Muertos" Day of the Dead !27 & 28 October  10pm ~ 2am. Special Corona Halloween Cocktails & Tequila Shots All Night.

Admission: $300 with 1 Bottle of CoronaMQ [ Marquee Taipei ] & Pregame

台北市信義路五段16-1號(台北捷運淡水信義線-台北101/世貿站3號出口)RSVP 訂位專線: +886 (2) 2729-5409- 酒後不開車 安全有保障

II: Halloween Masquerade @ KOR


 Join us for Masquerade After Dark, at the only bar venue posh enough to host this Halloween soiree - KOR. Special gifts (while supplies last) to those wearing semi-formal/formal masquerade attire.

III: Halloween@*INHOUSE

☞費用|免費 Free Admission!

IV: Let's Play With My Baby Doll: Halloween @ BARCODE

Free admission for the same day#No costume: 600NT with 2 drinks 

V: 1930's Halloween @ Hanko 60

Classy joint Hanko 60 will be transporting you back to 1930's Shanghai this Halloween. Dress up and get free drinks and specials!漢口陸零將呈現復古夜上海情懷,帶您穿梭時光回到1930年代!響應萬聖節一起來裝扮~ 當日變裝任何打扮來店消費可享有第二杯免費萬聖節驚喜調酒乙杯! 快來HANKO 60一起搭上時光隧道回到那復古優雅的一九三零!

4. 最好的LIVEHOUSE萬聖節/Best Live Music Halloween

I: [Unholy Fertility] 港臺金屬會戰 @ REVOLVER


Tickets: 400 (+ drinks) Student tickets: 300

5. 最好的PRIDE萬聖節派對Best Pride LGBT Halloween

Werk!Pride and Rainbow Halloween @ Triangle/ Maji Square

今年WERK特別與「MAJI集食行樂」一起合作舉辦我們年度最盛大的派對。特別增設的免費戶外DJ音樂區會在晚上8pm開始。廣場內的露天酒吧和提供各式異國美食的餐廳也將延長營業至午夜Saturday, October 28▪️8pm-4:30am

MAJI Square's "Rainbow Halloween" Outdoor DJ stage starts at 8pm. Restaurants, bistros and cafes open till late, then the party shifts to Triangle.

6. 最佳學生萬聖節派對/Best Student Halloween

Students Halloween @ M Taipei

The biggest exchange student/All-You-Can-Drink  party in Taiwan!

7. 最好的莎莎萬聖節派對Best Latino/Salsa Halloween

I: Halloween Weekend  @ 1001 NIGHTS HOOKAH BAR

Halloween Party on Oct.27/28...👉 Best Costume Contest ....👏1st,2nd,3rd,Winner will get a different kind of Shisha ...Guys:500nt$ with drinks,Girls 300nt$ with drinks

Open till very late

II: Halloween Bachata Night @ La Salsa

III:Masquerade Salsa Party@ Salud

★Salud 萬聖騷莎假面舞會 Salud Masquerade Salsa Party★萬聖節週末就是要玩一整晩的神秘假面舞會唷!! 請帶面具或萬聖節化裝參加舞會♡現場也會準備很多各種顏色面具借給你玩喔!Special Halloween Salsa Masquerade Party 2017!Dress Code is 'Masquerade' Welcome to join with Mask or Halloween Costume!!

We also prepare many masks for free rental^^ Salsa Lovers See you there🎃