Ron Bar Xinyi: A Coffee, Cocktails,Cuisine and Performance Rendezvouz



If you're familiar with RON Bar in Shilin, you'll be excited to hear that they've recently opened a downtown location in the Xinyi area!

Ron Xinyi uses local alcohol, ingredients, and coffee to conjure up delectable concoctions, reinterpreting and playing with classic cocktails, cuisines, and coffee.

Different DJs and performers every week bringing different performances and event, presenting our story to the both passersby and regulars.

Bringing along their signature sleek design, RON will continue to serve up their full menu of food and beverage along with live music and DJs throughout the week.


On stage  this Saturday is 小case (XiaoCase), comprised of some members of the Red Room family

小case is an Indie Funk band located in Taipei, Taiwan who are looking to bring the sweet sounds of jazz, pop, rock, and blues to your earholes.

小case is always looking to experiment and blend new sounds to make them our own with the help of each individual member’s diverse background! Addi (bass, vox), Vicky (vox, guitar), Francis (trombone), Manav (drums), and Shiziwan (guitar) have learned to combine their powers for good over the past few months to create a sound that’s sure to catch your ear from across the room.

The original songs are hybrids, with influence from each musician’s musical and cultural upbringing, blending aspects of both the west and east, English and Mandarin, in a style unique to one band in Taiwan: 小case.