Taiwan's First Bitcoin Cafe is the New Kid on the Block


Bitcoin. Blockchain. Crypto. ICO’s. Ripple. TRX.Binance. Maicoin. BitoEx. Altcoins. HODL. To the moon!

If these are not just random words to you, then it means you’re most likely a member of the new wave of crypto-fanatics .

Bitzantin Cafe & Lab  is a hip new 2-floor venue that provides a stylish and contemporary meeting ground for Taiwan's burgeoning cryptocurrency community. It aims to educate enthusiasts and connect  them with commercial projects where appropriate.

In a sign of the times, Taiwan’s first self-styled Crypto-currency community center officially opened last week in Taipei’s trendy Neihu area with a successful launch event that packed the venue to its capacity.

Blockchain technology is expected to make massive inroads globally  in 2018, and many Taiwanese entrepeneurs are already very prominent in this industry.

The owners believe that Taiwan's crypto-industry will gain further traction by collecting like-minded investors and supporters in one location.

Here’s what to expect:

Bitzantin the Café

The first floor cafe has 32 elegant seats, a book wall, and a selection of coffee and meals. Visitors will be able to access hundreds of white papers on cryptocurrencies and blockchain related books.There is also a video wall that shows real-time market prices and charts.

Bitzantin the Lab

The second floor Lab functions as an event, meeting and video recording space.In addition, it will also be used for weekly offline party activities and courses on different topics.

(credit: Albert Choi)

The owners certainly have a grand vision for Bitzantin, hence the word play on "Byzantine", the golden era of the Romans. They hope that their space will also catch the eye of international projects and communities.

No matter your thoughts on the Bitcoin phenomenon, it is worth your while to stop by Bitzantin and educate yourself on this new investment field.

Chinese Press Release

-Why Bitzantin?我們相信,區塊鏈技術是一大革新我們相信,這個革新正在改變世界-What is Bitzantin?我們相信,集結有著相同信念的信仰者,這項革新將獲得更進一步的發展我們將建立一個與每個信仰者之間互動的平臺我們創造以信仰者為中心的活躍社群,營造加密貨幣圈健康的生態,讓區塊鏈革新能夠往前一步

-How Bitzantin?


 Bitzantin the Cafe


 Bitzantin the Lab