Calling all foreign students and young professionals in the Taiwan international community:


Do your new year’s resolutions include any of the following?


*kickstarting your professional career

*finding an internship

*switching industries

*getting involved in the international professional community

*finding a peer group to stay accountable in your job search


If you answered yes to any of the above, FSIT invites you to our first ever Taiwan job hunters gathering. Whether you’re an international student preparing to launch your career or a young professional looking to switch jobs, job hunting in a foreign country can be intimidating. If you’re interested in learning about how others are approaching this mammoth task or want to share your own experiences searching for a job in Taiwan, this session is for you.


The event will be moderated by Katarina, a 3rd time return student at NTNU, and 2-year Beijing education professional. Topics will include job search tools, government resources, helpful organizations, and the most valuable resource of all- each other’s job search advice and experiences! This will not be a lecture, but rather a mediated platform for discussion in a laid back environment. Come prepared to share stories, hear stories, and exchange career advice.


Event breakdown:

7:00-7:30pm : Who’s Who - discover your peers’ job search challenges and real-life solutions

7:30-8:00pm : Resource Sharing - share and learn about what job search tools everyone is using

8:00-8:30pm : Topics of Interest - personal stories, industry insights, and Taiwanese work culture


**Due to the event location, please remember to bring a photo ID. This event has free admission.