Ash & Friends play jazz grooves and compositions influenced by the cool-Jazz genre, with echoes of Miles, Art Blakey, Shelley Manne, Art farmer etc. somewhere in the vibe. But whatever the song, "its all about the groove".


Band leader, Ash Hines has a diverse range of musical involvement dating from the late 70s during the heyday of what the late John Peel coined 'the Norwich sound' - firstly for Uncle's Funeral, and then the Mogrons. From ventures into R&B, reggae, soul - often the short shelf-life of many bands & the need for a regular gig lead to frequent participation in jazz ensembles as the ultimate 'instant gig'. Attending numerous jazz clinics in the U.S. by the venerable music educator Jamey Abersold, Ash has been a regular performer as house bassist in a number of gig venues, adding Sappho as his latest pied-à-terre.


Ash & Friends 是一個酷爵士團,他們的音樂是受酷爵士時代的影響, 例如Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Shelley Manne, Art Farmer等等。但不管他們表演什麼曲子,最明顯的風格是很酷的節奏感.......那就是 groove! 怎麼形容groove 呢? 其實很難找出一個定義,但簡單來說 groove 就是讓人類想要跳舞的基本驅動力。


Ash Hines Jazztet 的其它的團員都是台灣最優秀的樂手例如:Ed Shaeffer (鼓手)、 Matt Fullen (鋼琴) & Phil Newell (吉他)。 來自英國的Ash Hines具有廣泛的音樂經驗,從靈魂樂、雷鬼到藍調,Ash 為了更融入爵士精神,1996 年到美國向Jamey Abersold老師學習爵士。


Entrance Fee 門票: $400


music starts 表演 : 9.30pm