Ash is joined by some of Taiwan’s finest jazz musicians to serve up a tasty treatment of tunes from the cool-jazz & bebop era, laid down to a hard swinging groove. Echoes of Miles, Art Blakey, Shelley Manne and Art farmer can often be heard somewhere in the vibe. On guitar - Mas Masuda, Trumpet - Oli Baron, Drums - Xiao Z


Ash Hines’ musical expedition harks back to the mid 70s during the heyday of ‘the Norwich sound’ - as coined by the late John Peel - with his once featured band, the Mogrons. Later, from ventures into R&B, reggae, soul - the short shelf-life of many such bands lead to a natural progression into jazz ensembles as the ultimate ‘instant gig’. Attending numerous jazz clinics in the U.S. by the venerable music educator Jamey Abersold, Ash has been a regular performer as house bassist in a various gig venues, Sappho being his current pied-à-terre.


來自英國,Bass手 Ash Hines 的音樂之旅程從1970年代開始,在英國“諾維奇音樂潮流”當中參與了The Mogrons 樂團,後來獲得很廣泛的音樂經驗, 從靈魂樂,雷鬼,藍調到爵士。Ash 1996 年到美國去參與了許多Jamey Abersold 老師 ‘Jazz Clinic’,而一致在 Jazz Combo 樂團裏繼續表演。Ash 的音樂風格受酷爵士時代的影響,例如Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Shelley Manne, Art Farmer等等。


Ash 的其它的團員朋友們都是台灣最優秀的樂手例如:Xiao Z (鼓手), Mas Masuda (吉他) & Oli Baron (小號)。


Entrance Fee 門票: $300


music starts 表演 : 9.30pm