An Urban Asia Production.


Skkkkrrrrrreeeaat! Hold tight Taipei....Sound of London is back!


Having hosted some spanking shows (including Cup & String - Traxsource Top 100 House DJs) at Barcode last year, Urban Asia brings its Sound of London series to Triangle for the very first time! And we assembled an all-star cast to announce it loud and clear.


House | Garage | Grime | Drum & Bass


The UK and its capital London town have been spreading great music for years, but it wasn't until the 90s that RAVE CULTURE took off. Politicians hated it and it was forced out of the city of London and into the surrounding satellite towns, before returning under old, disused railway bridges and abandoned warehouses.


Rave culture continues to this day and, despite its commercialization, the underground still lives on in many forms.....plenty of which we will channel with love and affection on this night.


The event also sees the return of Tranquility Bass/I Love Drum & Bass' top MC and one of the legendary MC's on the island, a man who needs no introduction but he got a big fat one anyway....Mr MC Stoppa himself. He will be amping up the jump-up dnb and somebody said there'll even be a Frenchman droppin some grime. Whhaaaaat. That's how this is going down people. So turn up, get lively and prepare to get rowdy cus you're in for a treat ;p



*Robi Roka (Urban Asia, Elektro, Pye, I Love D&B)

*Re:Soul (Urban Asia, SSS, W Hotel, Roxy)


*Hassan Raphael (Revolver, Another Brick, Nuke Em All)

*Queen Chen

*Cross Cutz (Triangle, W Hotel, MQ)


[Hosted by...]

MC Stoppa

Mr Roka


Big up Taiwan! Big up UK! See you May 19th! :)



Much love xxxx