The 1st of our 3 part Summer series. Starting it off right with our house party.

So with summer here we decided what's a good summer drink? Something that goes good with steamy days and long nights ?

RUM!!! This time around our house party will be fueled by the gentlemen at Ron Abuelo. The staff at Ivy palace will be getting you nice and right with some amazing Rum.

DJ Announcements coming soon

Some good friends are coming to tear up the microphone this time around :
Elias Tsunami aka Sha Dra 玄武
Ricardo Elliot aka Avocado Baby the Mango Messiah
Sam Perniskie aka Niski The Free
Tony Quander aka Tony From DC Says

and our very own Daniel Black getting on and spitting some fire to help expand the heat this summer. No worries the drinks will cool you down.

Entry $300NTD