Dominik T aka D.Hooker
DJ Anti Hero
The Cook, The Thief

It's almost a year to a T since we've been hooked by the beats of our special guest Dominik T... and we can't wait to have him back! We've got nothing but that fine house music to get you in touch with the divine - or that floor killing demon that'll have you screamin' for more of that four on the floor goodness! We can't wait to have you HuSTLe and move to the groove for our sixteenth volume of HSTL!

►the Source:

HSTL (Hustle) is born out of Anti Hero and The Cook, The Thief’s desire to host a night showcasing their love for the many flavours of Underground House Music in Taiwan.

何謂HSTL - 秉持著想要將各種基調不同的地下House 音樂融合成一個美麗夜晚獻給台灣的願望,由台北知名DJ好手 Anti Hero,The Cook 以及 The Thief 孕育而出的活動。

►►►►Special Guest:

No party is too small or too big for this veteran of the dance scene. Though he favors House, he is no stranger to other genres, which often make an appearance in his sets. It’s all about quality music that reaches the soul, gets feet shuffling and booties shaking rather than labels stuck on to genres. Having played all over Asia and beyond, he makes Taiwan his current home. No matter whether headlining a festival or opening for visiting djs he is happy to provide quality sounds with soul.
「音樂無國界」一向都是DominikT的中心思想,他曾站上台灣最大規模音樂盛事的舞台,現場群眾超過一萬人,歷年來曾與他共同參與演出的音樂人不乏電子音樂界耳熟能詳的大人物,包括Armin van Buurin, Dubfire, Plump DJs, James Zabiela, Josh Wink, Tiefschwarz, Takyu Ishino, Miguel Migs…等。近年來他活躍於海內外各地的音樂活動,由他策畫主辦的A State of Sound派對已經打響名號,提供的不僅是高規格的電子音樂,更佐以絕佳的聲光效果來擄獲人心。

►►►►Our HSTL DJs:

(Marquee x Soho, Kor, HSTL, Stark Raving), Anti Hero aka 7T3, hails from Canada and over the last decade has held many DJ residencies around southern and northern Taiwan. A technical DJ capable of mixing countless styles of dance music to make people move and feel it deep down. He’s always ready to bring it with G House, Bass & Beats and other treats to add a little groove to your evening.
Anti Hero,或是大家比較耳熟能詳的名字 7T3,在過去的十年裡,從北到南駐店DJ的經驗不計其數。是一位熱衷於把G House, Bass & Beats 風格音樂發揚光大的專業DJ。

KKC Records(UK), Kiez Beats(GER) & King Street Sounds(NY) South African DJ and producer, is as at home in the booth as he is in the studio. With a long list of appearances around Taiwan, Tokyo Music Week, the Philippines and his homeland, South Africa.
The Cook, The Thief with some baked and borrowed beats for dirty sexy techy fun.
The Cook, The Thief - 這位來自南非的DJ 兼音樂製作人,不僅把家當工作室,把工作事當家,更要一把將你拉進sexy techy grooves 以及dirty basslines的音樂世界裡。

☞NT$200 before 12 (includes one drink)
☞NT$300 after 12 (includes one drink)

☞Table for 6 People: NT$3000
☞Table for 12 People: NT$5000
Table includes 1 complimentary sparkling wine ! We offer bottle services, please contact 0933449874 for more info or message our PR's !

☞ 12點以前 200元含一杯酒
☞ 12點以後 300元含一杯酒

★★★ 包廂 ★★★
包廂有送一瓶氣泡酒 !我們有提供開瓶服務,如果有需要詢問可以打0933449874或詢問我們公關


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Triangle will enforce a strict 'NO ID, NO ENTRY' policy and of course a strict NO DRUG policy. No excuse, if you have forgotten your ID, you will not be allowed to enter the venue.