Taiwan's biggest alternative electronic music outdoors festival is here again. Voted one of the world's best music festival in 2018, don't miss the 2019 edition taking place over 3 days in the scenic mountain and private beach surrounds deep in the heart of Hualien on Taiwan's wild and untamed East Coast.


"The shadow of the dome of pleasure
Floated midway on the waves"

We kindly would like to invite you all for our annual retreat to the shores of Huting. Join us once more on the familiar black-sand-beaches of Taiwan’s paradisal east coast. From Friday to Monday we welcome you to explore our vision in our dream. To dance away the nights under the starry skies, to imagine, to watch sunrises over the horizon, to meet old friends and to make new connections, to roam the lush jungle, to discover new artists, to feel free, to hike the hills, to share smiles with strangers, to float on the early morning waves, to dream and to dance the weekend away and experience music and a festival as we dream it should be.


Ben UFO (Hessle Audio)
Dorisburg (Aniara / Bossmusik) Live + DJ
Crossing Avenue (Spazio Disponibile) Live
Tolouse Low Trax (Karaoke Kalk) Live
Vrilski Live (Vril & Voiski)
Diskonnected (Smoke Machine)
Valentino Mora (IDO / Dement3d)
Map.ache (giegling) Live + DJ
Agonis (Amenthia Recordings) Live
Tarawangsawelas & Rabih Beaini Live
Grant Aaron (Mysteries of the Deep)
S.A.M. (Delaphine)
martinou (Sewer Sender / UntilMyHeartStops)
A. Brehme (Sonata Forma)
Hibiya Line (The Observatory)
Mama Snake
Chris SSG
Al Burro (Outliers)
Bézier  (Honey Soundsystem)
Andy Chiu (Smoke Machine)
Umbra (Outliers)
Yoshi Nori (Bass Kitchen)
Atsushi Maeda (rural / addictedloop)
Toska (Outliers)
Dolly Hardon (Interzone)
Jing (6dimensions)
Xu Feng